Should you look for help when writing your essays?

When I was younger, I used to use a lot of essay help in school. The reason for this I was that I was very lazy – I was maybe the worst student in my class and always had poor marks. I, however, did not care about that at all – I had other thing to think about, which for me were more important at the time.

For example, going to the fitness club and train as hard as I can, so I can be better at fighting and make people more afraid of me. I could also look more appealing to the girls, who were and have always been a very important part of my life. That’s why I did not want to deal with homework and used to pay a very nice lady for the essay help – she would do my home works when it came to writing, because I was quite bad at it. Thankfully, I was naturally good at mathematics and other science subjects, so I could have average marks without studying at all.

As time passed I got so accustomed to using essay help that even when I had free time and was actually interested in the theme, I still would not write it myself. The lady did not require much money since I was her regular customer and that fitted us both perfectly. For my great horror, however, one day the lady called me and said that she is going to live abroad and could not write my essays anymore. I was so angry and frustrated in the beginning. I did not know what to do and who to turn for help to.

That’s when it happened. I sat down and wrote my first essay. It took me about two days to finish, although it was only 350-400 letters. I put all of my efforts and, for my surprise, I quite enjoyed that. It was even better then I got my essay back and had an “A” mark.

I felt so proud of myself. I hurried to say that to the lady and she was very proud of me. She said that for my best I should not find another person for essay help so that I won’t be tempted to contact them whenever I did not like the subject or did not feel like writing. And so I did – I became very serious about writing and actually my literature classes became my favorite time at school. The teacher did not detect any difference, because I have always gotten A-level marks because of the essay help, but now whenever I saw this mark I felt amazing, rather than ashamed.

I then understood that everything is possible when a person puts his whole heart and desire in it.

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